Koningstunnel The Hague

The Koningstunnel, which was taken into use in 2000, is ready for a major renovation after more than 18 years of use. This renovation is necessary so that the tunnel meets the new requirements for tunnel safety. The renovation of the Koningstunnel starts on March 2019. In anticipation of the renovation, the service building belonging to the tunnel will be extended in mid-October 2018. This service building is under the Prins Bernhard viaduct.

In order for the Koningstunnel to comply with the new requirements for tunnel safety, in 2019 the existing installations in the tunnel will be completely renewed and extended. Also on the roads leading to the Koningstunnel, installations are renewed and installed. In total, it concerns more than 40 different types of installations. Installations like lighting,  ventilation, traffic detection, cameras, emergency telephones and waste water pumps. More installations are needed than at present and because the installations have to be operated locally, more space is also needed in the service building. The building is therefore made larger. This service building is under the Prins Bernhard viaduct (Source)

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