Utility refers to all buildings which are not used for living in, such as factories, hospitals, power stations and sewage treatment plants. These are often large projects in special places.

InAxtion can offer a great deals of work in the Utility sector. We carry out installations and build constructions. We need electricians, as well mechanics in the Utility sector.


Luxury yachts, river going vessels, passenger vessels, dredgers: the Netherlands is still a ship construction country. There is a great demand for skilled electricians and mechanics in the ship construction industry. Ships consist of large steel constructions which have to be welded together and they have a number of installations on board. InAxtion works together with the largest ship construction companies in the Netherlands.


The Oil & Gas industry has several categories, including offshore, refineries and petrochemicals. On the oil riggs (offshore) oil and gas are pumped to the surface. The refineries use crude oil to make products such as petrol, kerosene and fuel oil. This is used by the petrochemical industry to make the raw materials for synthetics, medicines and washing powders.

For electricians and mechanics there is plenty of work in the oil industry. The jobs are found in enormous plants wih huge pipes, installations, miles of cable and a great deal of instrumentation measuring values such as pressure and temperature. Our people work on the installations at large companies such as Esso, Shell and BP.


Generally, the government is responsible for infrastucture. By infrastucture we mean railways, roads, airports, ports, sewage, bridges, tunnels ans cabling and the like. Professionals are needed to install and maintain infrastructure, such as electricians and mechanics. Take a tunnel for instance; tunnels need sprinkler installations but also a proper ventilation system, bridges and locks contain steel constructions. You will have no problem working on infrastucture projects with InAxtion.


By Industry we mean the construction and maintenance of factories, as well as installing and maintaining machinery. You might work in a steel factory or help move a car factory. It might involve construction work, but also assembling and setting up an installation.