12,5 years of service for Mathias Berndt

Mathias started work with us as an instrument fitter many years ago, and through his time with us we have come to know him as an ambitious, hard-working professional. He is a reliable and above all calm and collected colleague, who is now working for us on a permanent basis. Our Mathias keeps a cool head at all times! He likes a challenge and is quick to pick up on anything new. He has been involved in a large number of projects in industry, the petrochemical sector, ship building and offshore. In recent years, he has also grown into a skilled manager and work planner. This makes Mathias a highly-appreciated colleague and we are proud that we are able to employ him permanently. We are looking forward to another 12.5 years with him. Congratulations, Mathias, on your 12.5 years of service and we are looking forward to your 25th anniversary!