A holiday reduces (long-term) sickness absence

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We meet them. People who work day in, day out and barely go on holiday. 'That's great' might be your initial response as an employer, but the truth is a bit more complicated. After all, people need time off. Especially people who do physical work day in, day out, as people in the technical industry do.


Employers who regularly go on holiday recharge their batteries faster and have less sick days. Studies have shown time and again that sufficient relaxation is the best remedy against long-term sickness absence. This benefits everyone. In the first place, this concerns the employees, but do not forget the employers who, initially, have to bear the costs of sick employees themselves.


Encourage people to go on holiday and do not forget to go offline on time yourself! It benefits everyone.

Do you need additional personnel during the holidays? Discuss this with us on time, so none of us are faced with surprises. Let's turn it into a relaxing holiday period with a lot of sun and low stress levels!