Are you contributing to sustainability

Corporate social responsibility is a hot topic. Of course at inaxtion we have been engaging with corporate social responsibility for some years now. Why? Because we want to make a contribution that makes a real difference. Our choices will have consequences for the generations to come. The 'Nederland co2 neutraal' foundation calls itself the most fun 'co2 reduction initiative' in the netherlands and its aim is to stimulate businesses and organisations to grow in the direction of being a climate neutral business.


We have reached level 3 of the co2 performance ladder they operate and have thus gained the 'co2 aware certificate'. This places us ahead of the pack in the temporary employment sector. According to scientific research, the fact that we use the co2 performance ladder means we are reducing our co2 twice as fast as the average in the Netherlands. But what does that mean for you as an employee?


You can make a contribution by helping to think about new initiatives. We want to stress the environment as little as possible, so we use green products, for example. But sustainability means more than that, for instance contributing to a sustainable society. It means, for instance, that we support charities such as Surfkids, Kidsright and Oxfam Novib. And we invest in your development so that we can keep working together in the longer term. In short, within InAxtion we are continually looking for new sustainability opportunities, for instance to lower energy usage and reduce co2 emissions for our company even further. Do you have any tips? Any plans? Ideas? Send an email or call us. Together we will definitely make a difference!

Source: brian heikamp, skao