Energizing Careers – Why Electricians From The EU Choose The Netherlands

Plentiful job openings, professional training opportunities, and fast career progression make the Netherlands an appealing destination for qualified electricians. That’s why so many electricians choose to relocate here from other EU countries. At InAxtion, we connect qualified electricians from the EU with projects in the Netherlands. But what makes it the ideal place to energize your electrical career?

High demand for skilled electricians

As a highly developed country, the Netherlands has a constant need for professional expertise, especially in hands-on trades like electrical wiring. 

On top of that, as industries transition towards more sustainable, energy-efficient, and carbon-neutral solutions, there’s an increased demand for skilled electrical workers. Industrial facilities are continuously seeking to upgrade their infrastructure by using the latest and greenest technology, including cables and wiring.  

To meet demand, and raise the level of industry expertise, there are lots of training and development opportunities for electricians working in the Netherlands. Not only that, suitably qualified, skilled, and experienced candidates are starting to become project leaders much faster – in some cases within 5 years of working here.

Fast-moving career opportunities

Not only is demand coming from traditionally strong industrial sectors – such as energy and shipbuilding – existing commercial and residential buildings also need to upgrade their electrical infrastructure to become more energy efficient. On top of that, the development of new homes in the Netherlands is forecasted to peak within the next few years. 

Sustainability projects are popping up everywhere, and they’re not going away anytime soon. If you have the right skills and the right mindset now is a good time to progress your electrical career. 

What sets the Netherlands apart as the place to energize your career as an electrician is the working culture. Dutch culture is very open and honest. In the workplace, people of all levels are expected to share their opinions. Being ambitious and striving for career progression is not only accepted but valued. 

Why EU electricians choose InAxtion

InAxtion is an employment agency specializing in placing technical talent – such as electricians and engineers – within projects in the Netherlands. But we also help employees from other EU countries relocate to the Netherlands, find accommodation, and access public services. 

Alongside that, we support suitably qualified tradespeople with technical training opportunities such as the VCA (Safety, Health, And Environment Checklist Contractors) certificate, ATIX inspector training, and other certifications. If certain criteria are met, we can also provide financial assistance to employees, such as co-funding a course.

This approach is mutually beneficial for our clients who are looking to fill open roles with top technical talent. To ensure the best fit between an employee and a project, we speak closely with our clients about the employee’s potential. If the client says there’s a position to be filled once training is completed, we agree on a training schedule together. We also sometimes provide training when there’s a guarantee that the employee can join a future project.

Are you a qualified electrician from the EU? Discover opportunities in the Netherlands through our current vacancies.