InAxtion is on the move!


Now that 2016’s first quarter is getting on, we would love to share the developments with you.


We realised a turnover increase of over 13% in 2015, going from 26.4 million in annual turnover to 30 million in annual turnover. We are proud of that accomplishment, but more than anything, we are excited that more and more clients are finding InAxtion’s services. The big blow of 2015 was Imtech’s bankruptcy. We are glad that many of our relations have landed on their feet and were able to keep their jobs or find new ones relatively quickly.InAxtion felt the consequences of this blow as well. Interestingly, almost all of the people hired out to Imtech stayed on with their projects and continue to work there. That says something about our people’s professionalism, but also the solidarity of the former Imtech employees who also stayed on with their current projects.


We are continuing our positive policy in 2016 at full speed, as evidenced by our usual ample investment in our employees’ development by offering them education and training opportunities.

We’ve always invested a lot of money and attention in our flexible workers’ expertise. This is commonly known. What fewer people know, however, is that our ‘internal’ people also spend a lot of time on keeping up their knowledge regarding relevant legislation and regulations and temping as a whole.


You’ve probably noticed that a lot of changes are currently being made in terms of legislation and regulations, such as the implementation of the Personal Information Protection Act and the new data breach reporting requirement that took effect on 1 January 2016. It looks like there are more and more risks: how do we deal with those?

InAxtion feels it is very important to collaborate with you and take care of matters properly and on time. In order to do so, a lot of flexibility and adaptability is required, both on your part and ours. We would be happy to tell you more about our views on these changing laws and regulations during a personal meeting.