inAxtion wants to be the best

There are not enough technicians at vocational educational level being trained in the Netherlands and the average age of those who are currently working at that level is slowly going up. There is therefore a shortage of technical workers. At the same time, the demand for flexibility is high. This is precisely the market in which InAxtion is aiming to excel and we have a plan to try and achieve this. We believe in:


Our mission was clear from the start in 1996: concentrating supply and excel in one niche market. We did not attempt to emulate Randstad or Adecco, but to concentrate on being a highly-specialised SME employment agency in flexible labour. InAxtion focuses on a small number of core professions in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and instrumentation. We strongly believe that specialisation means higher quality and higher productivity.


Everything comes down to people. Good people. There is a growing shortage in the Netherlands of skilled technical workers and as a result we also recruit abroad. And our well-established network ensures we know exactly where to look.


We offer training to our technical workers on an on-going basis and are continually investing in the development of new courses. We do this because we believe that training increases both our workers' motivation and productivity.


Good people are productive people. We believe they meet the following characteristics:
They are well-informed in their field
They are experienced
They are able to work fast
They have an inquiring mind
They have the right mind-set


Permanent employment: We highly value building strong relationships with our people. Our aim is ultimately to take our people into permanent employment, in order to guarantee quality and build on existing strengths. This makes InAxtion unique and more like an 'employer in the technical sector' than a temporary employment agency. Our clients can rely on high-quality, flexible workers and our employees enjoy the security of a permanent contract.

Excellent terms and conditions and more. Naturally, the salaries we offer are in line with the market. But there's more. Not only do we help our people if they want to follow a course or training but we will also assist them with personal problems or challenges, such as arranging a mortgage, buying a car or filling out their tax returns. In other words, InAxtion takes into account the human side of employment. This means our people know they are appreciated, do a good job for our clients and are keen to stay with us.


There is no other player of the same size in this market, concentrating on the same niche sector. This makes InAxtion market leader in this field. We need this volume in order to achieve our ambition and aims. It means that we can take people into permanent employment, we are in a position to offer interesting jobs on a continuous basis and we are able to invest extensively in development and training.


InAxtion wants to be the best – the best for our people and the best for our clients. We believe that these are inextricably linked and that one follows from the other. Ambition is the driving force in our company. It keeps us on our toes every single day. We strongly believe that this philosophy has led to our clients as well as our employees regarding InAxtion as a reliable and respectful partner they wish to do business with on a long-term basis. Achieving great things together. That's the aim at the end of the day!

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