Job conditions are as important as salary

Naturally, your salary is important. You want to be rewarded for the work you do. It is not surprising that salary is an important motivation for a lot of people. At InAxtion you get the salary that is in line with the salary your colleague receives tfor the same kind of work. However, other job conditions are just as important. Good job conditions are the base for our collaboration. At InAxtion we find it very important to offer our people the best conditions.

Our job conditions for our people

Enabling you to concentrate on what you are good at, that is our motivation. We want to support you in any way we can. We do this by offering you the following things.


When you work for InAxtion, you will mainly be in contact with your personal consultant. Most of our consultants have worked in E&I/WTB projects themselves. They know the clients and the field. They find it important to get to know you as well. This results in that they are the best at placing you on suitable projects. They will always aim to place you on a project where you can show your skills and abilities.


At InAxtion we have many interesting technical projects throughout the year. Your consultant will place you on a project where you can best show your skills and abilities. It is important to us that the project suits your skills, that we can guarantee continuity, that the projects we offer are long-term and that you get the right amount of responsibilities in your job.


InAxtion is involved in projects all over the Netherlands. InAxtion is very happy to arrange good- quality and affordable accommodation. Our accommodations meet the regulatory requirements. They are checked on living space, livability, fire safety, emergency facilities and hygiene amongst others. We do not make a profit on our rented accommodations. That’s not in our interest. We find it important that you are comfortable in your living space.

Long-term relationships

We strive for permanent employment and an increasingly large number of employees stays with us all the way until retirement. We build long-term relationships based on trust and respect. That’s how we work with people for people.


Whoever gets a chance to participate in a training or to develop certain competences, is better at the job. Also, not unimportant, feels better at work. Whether a training is useful regarding your job or whether it’s convenient in your own development, we are always happy to discuss the possibilities. After all, it is in our interest as much as yours if you develop new skills.


If you don’t own a car, you can rent one at InAxtion. We offer rental cars on a non-profit base to our employees. You will be driving a clean and safe car that is less than four years old.

Do you wish to get more information about our job conditions? Or are you interested in a job? Contact us!