New InAxtion website: For the best match

Working for InAxtion means working on great projects, for instance on ships, oil platforms or in hospitals. 'Fantastic engineering jobs, projects that mean something and that you can be proud of. And that's what we are looking for: people who enjoy working on great projects.' Marc van Ravenstein, Director of InAxtion is enthusiastic about his clients and the people he works with. 'Companies approach us because we send highly-skilled, motivated and productive specialists. And because we are always able to offer interesting, challenging projects, those people know how to find us. Making a good match, that's what motivates us! And that's the feel of the new website.'

The website will tell you how InAxtion works and about the projects we are currently recruiting for. InAxtion's online communications are based on the principle of 'by people, for people' and on values that permeate all of our ideas and actions:

RESPECT. We are all equal and we listen attentively to each other.

AMBITION. We set the bar high and think in terms of solutions.

RELIABILITY. We say what we do and we do what we say. We are transparent and deliver high quality.

COOPERATION. We work together in order to achieve the best. We give each other feedback and are collectively responsible for the end result.

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