Participating in the harbout run for charity

On 9 October, a team composed of our very own InAxtion heroes survived the 2016 Harbour Run. Co-workers from our Schiedam and Terneuzen branch offices and our main office in Dordrecht ran 10 kilometres through the harbour of Rotterdam, while also conquering 35 obstacles placed in their way. This unique obstacle course took the participants along the docks, past ships and containers, but also straight through some harbour warehouses: special locations that are not commonly accessible for passers-by.

By participating in the Harbour Run, we are supporting the Nederlandse Brandwondenstichting (i.e. the Dutch Burn Foundation) and Brandwondencentrum Maasstad Ziekenhuis (Hospital Maasstad’s burn centre). Our hope is that we will be able to help make the life of burn patients a little bit more bearable. Research has shown that distraction helps reduce pain levels. Changing the dressings on a burn is very painful, but a daily necessity nonetheless. The Nederlandse Brandwondenstichting and Brandwondencentrum Maasstad Ziekenhuis are trying to create spaces for both children and adults to find distraction during these daily dressing changes.

Would you like to know more about this initiative or do you want to help realise these spaces yourself? Please go to For more information about the Harbour Run, please go here.