Privacy regulations to change significantly

Data leaks notification obligation. The personal data protection act (pdp) and the current general data protection regulation (gdpr). It is enough to give anyone a headache. And from next year, the obligations on data processing companies are going to increase even further. If companies fail to comply, they can face fines up to euro 20 million or 4% of the annual turnover.


On 25 may of next year, the pdp will be replaced by the gdpr: these european privacy regulations are designed to strengthen the position of people whose data needs to be processed. In addition, the term data portability is covered, which means that the persons concerned should be able to request their data simply and if they so wish, pass them on to other organisations. Loss or theft of personal data should be notified more quickly. Quite a big change all in all. The data protection authority (dpa) therefore advises companies to make a timely start with gathering information and implementing the new regulations.


We understand that it is quite a lot to cope with, altogether. For us though, these are just bread and butter issues. We would enjoy the opportunity to inform you of the latest developments, the aspects that are of particular importance to you or specific new issues within the regulations. Please feel free to contact us. Call 078 632 6868 or email