Remember timely renewal of your ID

Has your passport or ID card expired? Make sure you renew yours in time, because not having a valid ID causes massive problems. We will not be able to employ you on projects nor will we be able to pay your wages.

The Compulsory Identification Act is strict. InAxtion is obliged to determine the identity of each and every employee based on a valid proof of identity. We are obliged to assess the document for authenticity and to keep a scan of the original in your employee file. One of the ways in which we do this is by using Keesing document recognition software.

If we fail in this duty in any way, we could be fined up to € 8,000 per case. The same fine could be imposed on our client. In any case, without a valid ID you will be denied entry to building sites.

So make sure you always carry your ID and remember to renew it well in time. If you have received a new ID, please come and see us at the office so we can scan and store it. You are not permitted to scan it yourself, we are obliged to see the original and make the scan.

Proof of identity is a personal document and it is your own responsibility to make sure you carry a valid form of ID. If you are no longer in possession of a valid ID, or you have failed to show us your new ID, we are obliged to pull you out of any work you are doing and to stop your payments.

Carrying out all duties under the Compulsory Identification Act is an important part of InAxtion's NEN 4400-1 standard.

More information available from central government.