Selecting the right employer

Permanent employment, preferably until you retire, that's what we aim for at InAxtion. That's why we send you on courses, why you have an adviser who is always ready to help and why we try to build as close a relationship as possible. This is also the type of relationship we have with our employers, some of whom have been with us from the start. At InAxtionwe work with people for people. You will recognize this in our core values inspiring all our thoughts and actions: reliable, ambitious, respectful and collaborative.


Do pay attention to this when selecting an employer, because it will have a big influence on the atmosphere within a company and therefore your job satisfaction. Our advisers have worked in e&i or mechanical engineering themselves, taking part in projects or work placements. Their knowledge is tested and if necessary they will be trained. This means they are experienced in the work you carry out and will know the customers and the professional field. By working together intensively, they will get to know you through and through. This means that they will develop increasing insight in the projects that would suit you. We always work hard to place you with a project where you can shine! And if there's ever a time when that is not the case, then talk to us. We will listen...


Of course salary is an important factor. The money you earn with inaxtion is at least the same as the salary paid by the employer to their own staff. That means that as a temporary employee you will earn the same as the permanent staff. That is enshrined in the law, in the form of the pay equivalence rule.


Do you have any questions? Would you just like to talk something over? Or do you just fancy a coffee? We would love to talk to you about being a good employer, certification, pension provisions etc. Contact your adviser. We hope you have a great day!