Sustainable office: demands technical staff

Banks that extend good credit to stimulate making offices more sustainable: it is the latest development in the global fight for sustainability that we are all engaged in. Construction-related parties are positive about this initiative and Uneto-VNI (industry association of installers) is enthusiastic. In short, a developing market for expert market is to be expected.

CSR 2017

However, this does require the availability of personnel. Personnel with knowledge and experience of new technologies. Doing business with an employer who has CO2 Performance Ladder certification and invests in education and sustainability. Doing business with a capable and knowledgeable employment agency that has relevant certifications is now more important than ever. Corporate social responsibility is no longer simply socially desirable, it has become a necessity. It should go without saying that companies who do business successfully take their social responsibility seriously. Would you like to know more? Call +31 78 632 68 68 or send an email to