Think of InAxtion as a warm home

As a technical specialist you are a desired employee. There are more jobs available than ever, but how do you choose the right one? And, how do you know you will be looked after well? At InAxtion we offer you more than a job. We want to be a warm home. Not only a warm accommodation, we mean.. high energy prices.. (kidding), but also a team you can rely on.
In an earlier interview, Marcel van Eck, Director Facility Services Specialist, already spoke about the importance of good accommodation for our people. For good reason, we have again been certified by Stichting Normering Flexwonen (SNF). SNF is an organization that annually checks our homes on living space, fire safety, administration, management and hygiene.

Good housing is vital
Good housing is worth so much. Especially for the people who are far away from home. Therefore we find it important that everyone has their own bedroom. Also, that they have a stable Wi-Fi connection. That way we give people the opportunity to be in contact with their family. We believe that people who feel good, do a better job. And we believe we can contribute to that when you can relax after work in a pleasant living environment. Because we want to work together long-term, we devote a lot of time, money, energy and attention to this.

Always helpful
Next to our ambition to being a good employer, we also help our people to get around in the Netherlands. Think about helping with financial applications, registration at a municipality or declarations forms. Also, helping with private situations.

Like a warm home
Not only work is important, we also find it very important to really connect with our colleagues. That’s why we organize events a few times a year, where we can meet and where people can experience InAxtion as a warm home. What do you think about a summer barbecue or an all-you-can-eat Christmas party?

InAxtion can be a warm home to you. Join us!