Why We Invest In Additional Training And Education

Our employees travel to the Netherlands from all over Europe. To begin work, they need the VCA certificate to ensure they are aware of health and safety regulations. Over time, they look for additional training and education to support their career development. The trouble is, this can cost thousands of Euros. That’s where we can help.

Investing in people

We connect companies in the Netherlands with qualified engineers and mechanics from other EU member states. But our work doesn’t end when we’ve made a placement.

As an employment agency, we’re interested in providing companies with long-term value and long-term work placements. A well-educated workforce is better for business. That’s because companies get the talent they need to fill open roles and add value – whilst workers improve their skills, advance their careers, and earn more money. 

By upskilling people, we create opportunities for work at a more advanced level. In fact, one of the first questions we ask candidates is about their career goals. That’s because it’s important for our relationship with them. 

If our employees plan to stay in the Netherlands long term, we can look at ways to support their education. So if an additional course or training program would be an advantage to them and the company, we try to facilitate it. 

It’s simple. We cover the cost of the course or training program and the company sets it up. 

Future opportunities

The additional education available depends on our clients’ needs. As an example, a common career development route is for an engineer to do electrical safety training to become an inspector under the EU’s ATEX directives. 

Proficiency in Dutch or English is also important. That’s partly because some of the exams are only available in those languages. For that reason, we also aim to support workers with more advanced language courses. Here’s a list of some of the most popular courses: 

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