Would you like to start the job already this Monday? This is what we ask of you…

Make sure you have a valid VCA certificate and a BSN/social security number

A VCA certificate can help you to start immediately. A VCA certificate is mandatory to work at InAxtion. It's because we want to take good care of our employees. We want to make sure that you can work safely. If you don’t have this certificate yet, you can obtain it from us when we start working together.

And do you already have a BSN (social security number) because you have worked in the Netherlands before? That’s also helpful! You get a BSN when you register at a municipality.

Do you have relevant working experience? Make a cv

Make sure you know what your skills are and describe them clearly on your cv. This way we can place you at a project that suits your skills. Also, the client wishes to see your cv before we start a cooperation. Do you find it difficult to make a cv? You can ask for our help. We are happy to have a look with you. Because we can imagine that it’s quite difficult. Especially, when English or Dutch isn’t your native tongue.

Do you speak English? We want you!

Make sure you speak English. Our clients want to be able to communicate with you well. Not only because this is easier when working together, but also because we think safety is very important. For instance, there are projects where you get an English safety training before you start working, that follows with questions you have to answer. If you don’t understand this, then you can’t work according to the safety regulations. And again, we want you to be able to work safely.

Do you have a driving license? You can start immediately!

Because we work project based, you can be deployed through the whole country. A driving license is therefore very useful. If you don’t have a driving license, possibly you can make a team with a coworker who does. And do you want a driving license but you don’t know how to best go about it? Discuss this with your consultant when we start working together. We are happy to give you advice.

Are you interested in working with us? Click here to see our vacancies. You are most welcome to join us!