XPA Certification – What It Is And Why It Matters

Getting recognition in the workplace is always good. But when you work for an employment agency on different projects and contracts over a period of time, it can be hard to get the appreciation you deserve. That’s why, since 2017 InAxtion has awarded XPA Certification to our top-performing employees.      

What is XPA certification?

The XPA certificate – eXcellent Professional inAxtion – recognizes exceptional employees with more than two years of service. It’s our way of showing our appreciation to people who have consistently gone over and above on their projects with InAxtion. 

But it’s also much more than that. 

Holding an XPA certificate gives employees qualitative recognition that makes them highly sought after by our clients. That’s because this recognition is earned through years of service, meeting certain standards, and achieving specific educational milestones.

Employees awarded the XPA certificate are invited to an exclusive awards ceremony – open to all XPA certificate holders – held once or twice per year, depending on the number of successful candidates. At the ceremony, employees meet the owners of InAxtion at a formal dinner. 

Less than 10% of InAxtion employees are recognized in this way. That means XPA certification helps people stand out from the crowd. 

How to get XPA certified 

Our consultants nominate employees for XPA certification based on a number of factors, including the position held. Here’s a summary:

5+ years relevant work experience

Why is XPA certification important?

XPA certification enables us to show our appreciation to top-performing employees. It’s a chance for our consultants to give a speech about newly XPA certified employees. At the same time, our employees get to enjoy the recognition and status of becoming XPA certified. 

They get time in front of our company leaders, and join an exclusive list of top performers in our employee database. Not only that, being XPA certified is a recognizable badge of quality for clients looking for the best-qualified workers. 

The great thing about XPA certification is that employees get to join a group of people who are similarly ambitious and career-minded, and enjoy sharing their experience at a higher level.  

Are you an InAxtion employee interested in XPA certification? Ask your consultant for more information.