Enabling you to concentrate on what you are good at, that is our motive. After all, you need your energy for the project that you're working on and you don't need the hassle of organising accomodation and cars for our people at a very reasonable rate. We will also help you if you want to go on a course or training and can even assist with headaches such as help with your tax return or finding a mortage.



InAxtion is involved with projects all over the country. From time to time your project might be too far away to commute from home. In that case, InAxtion is very happy to arrange good-quality affordable accommodation. We rent out homes that comply with all legal requirements and hold the SNF Certificate (www.normeringflexwonen.nl; organisation which regulates rented accommodation for migrant workers). We do not make a profit on our rented accommodation. That's not the point. We just want you to be comfortable.


If you don't own your own car, you can rent one with InAxtion. We offer hire cars on a non-profit basis to our employees. You will be driving a clean and safe car less than four years old - many of our employees are already using our Fiat Puntos and Pandas.


Your consultant is your first point of contact at InAxtion for any concern or question, including training. Sometimes there is a compulsory requirement to go on a particular course before you are permitted to work on a project. At other times you may want to attend a course yourself in order to work on your professional development. We are always happy to discuss the possibilities. After all, it is in our interest as much as yours if you develop new skills.