Are you looking for a temporary employment agency or an employer? InAxtion is both. To our clients we are an temporary employment agency but to you we are an employer. You have a contract with us and we place you at different projects. We aim to take people on permanently and an increasingly large number stay with us all the way until retirement. We will help you take the training you need because that is good for you as well as for the client. It means they know they can rely on finding skilled and flexible staff when they turn to InAxtion.

We have been working closely with a large number of clients from the very start. We build long-term relationships based on trust and respect. This means that our clients see us as a reliable partner delivering skilled professionals. We know the people who work for us and we know the sector, so we are always able to link the right people to the right projects. If you enjoy your work, you will deliver great results and that is obviously in the interest of our clients.